Nicola Thompson

Welcome to my site, I hope you like it here. Here’s a little of what I’m about.

Middle age is a curious expression, isn’t it? Especially since none of us know with certainty the date of our demise.  I mean, I may turn out to be an eccentric old lady and end up costing the government much more than my financial contribution due to my irritating longevity.  Or it could be that my mid point is already well behind me, meaning I could pan out to be a right old boon to the economy. Either way, now in so called middle age, adventure is of utmost importance to me. Whether it’s trying to impress my son by dangling 100 metres above the ground on Europe’s highest swing, travelling 800km on foot across Spain, buying a ukulele the day before joining a class with much more experienced musicians or simply ordering an item off a menu without being sure what it is, I’ve discovered that adventure must be part of my life.

I began secretly writing for fun at 25 years, penning letters for my son over the years that I gifted him on his 18th birthday. I say secretly because I was guided into the maths/science/business path in school and, at that time, that path and the creative/artsy path rarely intersected. Being seen to try to do both would be losing the run of yourself (ask an Irish person). My writing was sporadic thereafter, inspired by travel, trauma, joy and loss as well as tremendous blessings. At the time of writing I’m just about to turn 48 and on a creative writing retreat in the foothills of the Basque Pyrenees with a group of highly accomplished, published writers. A while back I blogged a little for a coaching collective and have shared some of my writing with family and friends. I’m a believer in the concept that your comfort zone may kill you.

I’ll share some old material and some new, some of which at least I hope can entertain you, and possibly even inspire.

Spain, May 2022

Some Facts on Nicola:

A Northern Irish business school graduate, single Mum of a talented, generous hearted young man, people professional of twenty some years, carer, coach and writer, Nicola has no life saving talents so would like to make the world a little better through her writing.